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Boudoir sessions are ideal for any woman who wants to treat themselves while celebrating all of their unique qualities and amazingness! To me, it’s about focusing on the beauty of the woman as an individual while providing her an experience to see herself in a way she never has. A boudoir session offers each woman an opportunity to step outside her comfort zone and capture her beauty and wonderful personality. While most women book a shoot to create an unforgettable gift, they always end up finding it to be a gift for themselves in the end. It can give you a chance to reclaim your femininity and gain back that sense of self-love that has faded with life’s twists and turns.

The style of boudoir session can range anywhere from a fully clothed shoot to using creative posture and lighting to create implied nudity. It doesn’t have to just take place in the bedroom either…other great locations include outdoors, such as the beach, meadow, farm, or any other area that suits your personality and your vision.I go in depth with each of my clients to really connect with their personal style and the type of emotion they want to evoke in their images. A phone or in person consultation is held to discuss the shoot in detail. We work together throughout the entire planning process, creating a vision board of looks, styles, and outfit ideas and making choices that will make your session unique. Preparing for the shoot is just a part of the fun and plays an essential role in the success of your photo session.

On the day of your session, you sip champagne in the hair & makeup chair, while a professional stylist gets you looking your absolute best! I provide coaching throughout the entire photo shoot, using actions and posing techniques that flatter your body type. Nerves are common and part of what makes this experience so exciting. Welcome them…they won’t be there for long!Ordering and viewing session takes place within a week where you choose only the images you love to create stunning albums, prints, and more!Sessions start at $425 for a fully-customized 2-hour photo session that suits your vision and style. For more information or to set up a consultation, please call or visit the Contact page.

It’s like when you jumped off the high-dive for the first time as a kid: it took you a while to build up the courage and take the plunge…but once you did, it was the most exhilarating feeling and you wanted to do it again and again…it’s kind of like that!I’d love to hear the ideas you have brewing! Let’s turn them into a reality!

– Karen

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Boudoir & Intimate Lifestyle Photographer | Sonoma County, CA

In this modern world, I’m just a click away! If you have a question, want to inquire more about a specific topic, or work with me to create a dream photo session with you- please, visit the contact page and lets talk about it!“No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

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Boudoir & Intimate Lifestyle Photographer | Sonoma County, CA

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