Barbie Boudoir Session: Take 2!

barbie boudoir photography

When this session took place a couple of weeks ago, eight full weeks had passed since the stay at home order began. The monotony of the days passing by had grown while life had surely slowed down for me. 

Some days had been a huge success, with full of boxes checked off my to do list, workout complete, and the house in order.

Other days had been filled with screen time and actually finding myself going in circles in my kitchen and living room. 

I missed the boudoir studio. And as I write this now, I still miss the studio. I miss photographing. I miss my job of capturing a woman’s beauty with a still image. 

If you saw my previous blog post, you will have seen that I found an odd way to express my creative outlet and still photograph boudoir. I borrowed my neighbors Barbie doll, and cooky as it may be, I was able to focus on posing and angles… and challenge my creativity! To view images from Barbie’s first boudoir session with me, click here!

During Barbie’s first session, her posing was pretty stiff. That is common and usually my clients tend to loosen up after a bit.

While she did wonderful throughout her session, I decided to invest in a doll that had a little more flexibility and attempt another chance at a Barbie boudoir session!

As you can see here, she was unable to relax enough to close her eyes, but her ability to point her toes and put her hands in her hair have improved greatly!