barbie carrot cabbage boudoir

Barbie Shelters In Place, Has A Boudoir Session Of Her Own!

Since the studio had to close in March from the coronavirus, I have been unable to photograph any boudoir. I have pulled out my camera a few times to capture the bees and the Spring flowers, but after several weeks, I really started to miss shooting boudoir.

After a little brainstorming and a search in my neighborhood, I borrowed a Barbie from the little girl at the end of the street. I had no idea how I was going to set her up, or what I was going to do with her just yet.

I just knew it would be a fun way to keep my boudoir posing skills sharp- she is limited on posing abilities and facial expressions, so the challenge was enticing! 

rose, barbie

It’s always a goal for me to get a beautiful portrait of my client in addition to the intimate styles we create.

We started in the roses and captured her beautiful blue eyes against the red petals! Then we captured her curves! 

barbie, rose petals, boudoir

During the shut down, I have still been fortunate enough in many ways. It has been great that I have still been able to meet with my local photography group online. We have weekly happy hour meet ups on zoom and have continued with our educational meet ups and image competitions. I had wanted to play around and see if I could get creative with this doll and make something fun for one of our meet ups.


(Ha! Prop placement is great here… take that Mr. Zuckerburg!)

One of the image challenges for happy hour week, was fruits and vegetables, and I had just gotten a hold of the doll, but didn’t have a whole lotta fruits and vegetables on hand as I have been trying to deplete my kitchen before making trips to the store.

What was I going to use? I had this huge carrot and some cabbage, and a few bananas . . .

nude barbie doll carrot
orange carrot barbie boudoir

I really couldn’t help but start cracking up when thought about how I was totally getting into shooting this doll- in my kitchen (propped up on and covered with vegetables), posing her until I got what I wanted to capture.

This thought ran through my head: “Is this what a boudoir photographer does after weeks of sheltering in place?”


(That booty… brought to you by Mattel)

boudoir barbie cabbage
barbie, bananas, tushie, boudoir

Something tells me if I will be home much longer, you will be seeing more of her. Maybe by then she will have a name and something else to cover up with!

Thanks for checking my silly photo shoot! You can see more of my work by checking out my portfolio on my website, or requesting to join my ladies only VIP Group on Facebook!