This Sonoma County coastal beach session was just golden. Everything I wanted it to be.

Photographing intimate style photography in nature and at the beach, of all places, can be both a challenge and an adventure!

Let me start out by letting you in on something you might not pick up on when looking at these images..

This woman is not a model.

She’s actually a college student and dancer and not very experienced at being in front of the camera. She is experienced in instruction and movement, which helped her greatly as I coached her throughout the photo shoot.

boudoir beach

When doing a boudoir style or portrait style shoot, you are not just holding poses, but you are also moving. Creating action and repeatedly doing movements to capture a look. People don’ t realize it, but holding poses can be difficult and work muscles you didn’t know you had! I warn ladies that they will be sore after their sessions, as they are not used to working those specific muscles.

I’ve had one client tell me that I could host a workout class, having ladies hold the poses – like yoga but much sexier!

happy woman
Sonoma coast beach boudoir

Why did I feel that this photo shoot was golden? A few reasons really. 

The tones, of course! Golden hour at the beach, need I say more?

And her beauty and expression. It was… right. It felt right.

Then there was the ultra perfect weather. I’m talkin’ NO WIND. The creek flowing into the ocean looked like a lake. The sun had warmed the sand all day, making it more enjoyable to frolic around in. 

beach woman casual
water portrait
sun bikini

And then there was the beautiful makeup. Yes, there was some pampering going on prior to this adventure!

I always have clients get their hair and makeup done by a professional prior to their shoot. It’s a part of the experience they have with me and I find it helps with their inner confidence too, which stands out in their images more than the makeup does. 

This gorgeous beauty had her hair and makeup done at Primp Skin Studios prior to her session. Denise, who is one of their amazing artists, often works with me and my clients to achieve a look they feel comfortable with and that will really showcase their beautiful features. 

She is a real sweetheart and knows how to make you look your best before an important event!

The last thing I can tell you that make this shoot golden is the outfit choices. 

They were chosen ahead of time to match her personality and her style and to fit in with the surroundings. You won’t find me shooting high heels in the sand!

Outfit planning is important. She brought items that she loved. That fit the environment that we were shooting in and chose fabrics that photographed well. This didn’t all happen by accident.

When someone books a shoot with me they receive a preparation and lingerie guide with all the tips needed to help them plan their experience. 

Photographing women in intimate attire out in nature brings it’s surprises. This time it was perfection to me. And the experiences are always the most memorable adventures. 

I am excited for all the amazing shooting adventures awaiting me in 2020! If you’d like to participate in an unforgettable experience and document your beauty, visit the contact page to schedule a complimentary consultation!