When she first booked her boudoir session with me, we discussed the idea of doing something related to her boyfriends favorite comic book hero – Captain America. 

We went over some ideas and planned the focal points of her shoot. Sweet, sexy, fun, playful, with some props and outfits that really define her personality and have reference to the things they like to do, like reading, going on the computer, and watching super hero action movies.

Prior to her session, I had gone on a camping trip out in “the boonies”. In front of an ole’ general store was a little stand holding comic books. Of course this upcoming photo session popped into my head immediately, and I decided to take a quick peek before I left the store. 

4th magazine in, I found the Captain America comic book! I grabbed an additional Hulk comic book too, because why not?

The session was held at a remote Airbnb in Sebastopol that offered privacy, a modern simple look, and good lighting. 

I work with an amazing makeup artist often, Denise from Primp Skin Studios. She is super sweet, provides a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere and does such a great job creating beautiful makeup that always looks great on camera.

When doing a boudoir session, I think capturing a woman’s beauty and sex appeal are both important. I love it when she is totally on board with getting images that showcase her beauty along with shots that show her the sexy badass she is!

Maybe that’s why I say doing a boudoir session is channeling your inner badass. 😉


We started out with the super cute sexy “comic book nerd” look with her man’s Captain America T-Shirt, her naturally sexy glasses, and a couple of classic comic books!


We shot a more casual and sexy look with her wearing a cozy off the shoulder sweater.


And then also captured some super playful fun images of her surfing the web! Something you could easily catch her doing daily.


We wanted to get some images of her with a book since reading is also one of her favorite hobbies! These came out soooo good, they are definitely some of my favorite images with a book prop. 

reading, boudoir, classy

This boudoir session fulfilled my creative dreams that day and I love all the variety that was captured. From all the amazing shots you’ve seen above, to all these gems you see here!


If you’re looking to create something unique and memorable that showcases your beauty and documents your story as a woman, contact me for a consultation! It’s time you take the leap and channel your inner badass!