Outdoor Boudoir & Portraiture for Women

Sonoma coast floral wall swim wrap

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There is something really special about a woman having her portrait taken in nature. 

It’s just a special connection between the woman and the elements that is unique and powerful, freeing and empowering the woman while she is being captured in this moment that’s all about her. 

She’s on an adventure, having her beauty captured and her feminine side exposed along with her strength.


I will be focusing the next few blog posts on some of the amazing outdoor boudoir and intimate portrait style sessions I have done in our beautiful surroundings of Sonoma County, CA.

You will learn more about why these portrait sessions are considered real adventures and how they differ from indoor sessions.

Now is a great time to book your outdoor adventure with me! 


The weather is warm and nature is beautiful here in the Sonoma Wine Country! I have great locations I’ve scouted to provide a semi private setting and beautiful backdrop for your experience. 

Your outdoor portrait or boudoir session can take place in the forest, at the beach, or in a meadow, lake, or vineyard. Whichever surrounding you choose, whatever your comfort level may be, you will see the beauty and feel the connection to nature that occurs during your photography session. 

It’s important to invest in yourself and take the time to have a portrait experience like this. One where you are the center of it all, you are doing something awesome for yourself, and we create amazing photographs of your unique beauty to document it all. 

Contact me when you’re ready to book your outdoor adventure by visiting the contact page on this website.