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This is a True Story Written by a Woman After Her Boudoir Experience. Take a moment to step inside her heels and see the revelation that occurred after her intimate style photography session.

On the outside, all evidence had been washed away. The make-up was gone from her face and the curls had faded into bed head that was horror story worthy. But as she examined the wreckage in the mirror, there was a new light that caught her eye. A smile in her eyes, a secret stash of empowered womanhood, that was all her own. An almost imperceptive light, a slight twinkle, hinted at change.

Certainly, no one would ever guess. Her husband didn’t take notice of make-up and fame eyelashes while at dinner the night before, solidifying her experience that people (including herself) see what they expect to see and hear what they predict they will hear, despite clear evidence to the contrary. On a different night, she might have taken this as evidence of a life so predictable there was no hope for change. She might have let it sting. But that night, she sang from the inside and realized this was what if felt like to have something all for yourself.

Pushing herself away from the mirror, she pushed her shoulders back and stood tall, and as she reached inside her drawer for underwear, her hand paused at the lace that had not been there the day before. Without another thought, she grabbed the lace and embraced the wedgie. And her soul sang. And her eyes smiled.

This was femininity rising. Lifting away from boundaries set by the failures of others, she dared to put herself at the center of attention. Bared of the armor that protected her from herself, she stepped towards what she had never allowed herself to be: a woman without shame, a woman without the weightless of life. And at that moment in the light, she was enough.




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