Last summer, I launched the boudoir division of my photography business. I had a party, showcased some of my work and created a space that was positive and inviting for women—the same feel I want them to have when they experience their own session. Boudoir is my favorite style of photography to shoot, and I hope to have the majority of my clients come to me for boudoir by the end of 2017.


Now, if you didn’t notice, variety is in the title of this blog post. It is also the spice of life! And it also keeps life from getting boring. Personally, I love variety, and want to be able to leave myself open to creating amazing and unique photo shoots that are customized for the individual woman I am photographing.

For this post, I wanted to share with you, the variety captured in a specific boudoir photography session I did for the winner of my boudoir giveaway at the launch party. She won a boudoir photography session complete with professional hair and makeup. I was so excited to let her know she won, as she was talking to me at the party about really wanting to do this.

At the last minute, the location she planned on using fell through, and we needed a place to shoot! I offered to use my home, as that is what was available at the moment, and we were in need of a location.

Now, my house is small, and dark— the opposite of a photographers dream studio. But I used what was available to me and came up with some ideas to create the variety I strive for. We got the 90’s rap bumpin’ and flowed through the shoot using some of her ideas, mixed with mine, and of course, the amazing black boots! Those puppies needed a photo shoot of their own— so sexy!

Those sexy black boots!


Sometimes using what you’ve got and pulling the resources already available to you at the moment, makes for a success. It sure doesn’t hurt to have an amazing client and makeup artist to work with either.


I usually like to create at least 3 sets for one session and play around with outfits and posing for each. I shoot the details, capture emotion and expression, and change up my gear to achieve a variety of sexy and classy images that will always have you looking back on the experience and saying, “Daaaammnn!!”