There’s something beautiful, soft, and sensual about a woman and her coffee in the morning. No, really! Just listen to where I’m going with this.. If you are a woman who loves her coffee like I do, then you know the true love and appreciation that goes with each sip! It’s a moment you can relax and reflect on the day ahead.. a moment that is yours to enjoy. Well… for most of us!

You could be sporting a t-shirt with messy hair, sitting in bed, or be all done up with a vintage nighty, sitting on an old trunk outside. It’s the relationship between the woman and the beverage that makes it sexy. In this session I decided to go with the latter and combine a woman’s love for coffee with an outdoor vintage boudoir vibe, early in the morning.

The first location I chose was out in the fields of Sebastopol, CA with the morning sun shining behind her. It was cold and still a bit foggy, but my model was very into it and quite a trooper!

I had her sit on an old vintage trunk, sipping steamy coffee from her cute little teacup. Her hair and makeup had a great early 20th century vibe that went well with the theme.

The second location was another area near the Laguna Trail in Santa Rosa. The fog was starting to lift, offering beautiful lighting. We used an old suitcase as a prop for her to sit on and took some more shots of her enjoying a cup of coffee.

I really loved how these images turned out. Shooting boudoir is such a rewarding type of photography for me. When I get to combine that with my love for the outdoors, I am in a photographers heaven!

But what kind of experience does outdoor boudoir offer my client? Let’s just say… it’s amazeballs!

Not only do you get to be pampered and celebrate yourself, but you also get the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and feel alive and beautiful!

Shedding your inhibitions in front of the lens is very empowering and exhilarating – no doubt about it. Take that experience outdoors and you have an experience that leaves you feeling proud, excited, and liberated in a way that you will never forget!

I look forward to more outdoor boudoir sessions in beautiful Sonoma County and it’s surrounding areas. Combining the natural beauty that comes from both, women and nature, is my favorite type of photography.

It can raw, powerful, soft , sexy, silly, or romantic. But, no matter what, it will be beautiful..

And it could be you!