I’m glad to be finally be touching on this subject for a couple of reasons! For one, I get to inform women that their insecurities and setbacks can become the driving force and success of their shoot. For Two, I get to show that they are not alone and inform them on some common concerns most women have.

I truly believe that our experiences and influences make us who we are, therefore, there cannot be another you.. and there is beauty in that alone. We need to make it a priority to love and see ourselves for the wonderful women that we are. Here are the top 5 excuses women put off a boudoir session or disregard themselves as a candidate all together:

    1. “I Need To Lose Weight First” — This is definitely number one so might as well get this out of the way. Most women are really concerned with not looking good in their photos, regardless of their size and weight. But self confidence, correct posing, and lighting is what really makes a photograph. Not 5 or 10 pounds. I believe each woman possesses a unique beauty that she can embrace and be proud of. And I believe she should capture that at least once in her life by having a photo session.


    1. “I’m Too __________” — Go ahead, fill in the blank. No matter what you will have said, it’s simply not true. And it’s talking down to yourself. I could have listed 10 excuses woman make, but I decided to knock off several with just this one! There is no age or weight limit, relationship requirement, or certain level of confidence needed. You can be a 65 year old woman wanting to celebrate feeling the best in her life, or a 35 year old woman wanting to reclaim her femininity after a breakup. Boudoir is about the woman. Her femininity. Her strength. And capturing that in her images. Think about what you would say to your friend if she were considering this memorable experience and apply that to yourself. This is where your self-love comes into play!


    1. “Sexy Lingerie And Garters Are Just Not My Style” — There is definitely a common visual most people get when they think of boudoir. It’s something usually including lingerie, and a woman on a bed. Boudoir shoots can be classy, funny, nerdy, sexy, retro, or vintage themed. Outfits range anywhere from lingerie and underwear, to t-shirt and jeans or a cozy oversized sweater. My point here is that if you saw a photograph of a woman on the beach looking confidently out at sea, she can look just as sexy as a woman laying on a bed in her underwear. The key is creating a custom shoot that fits the woman, her place in life, and is at her comfort level.


    1. “Everyone Will See My Pictures” — Absolutely not true. Any images posted on my website or social media sites were approved by the client. You have control over which images are available for viewing on the web, which images are only for in-house portfolio, and which images are off limits to others. I do all my own retouching and prints in-house, offering full privacy to my clients. All other products are ordered through reputable and professional labs.


  1. “I’m Awkward In Front Of The Camera And Don’t Feel Super Confident About Myself”
    –This is a big one- and not uncommon for anyone, really. And it’s not a problem.This is where my expertise comes in! The right photographer can take amazing photos of ANY woman no matter her shape or size. I coach each client throughout their entire photo shoot, taking the pressure off needing to know how to “look or act in front of the camera”.

When you consider the most common set backs and excuses, there is a pattern. Self doubt. When you book a boudoir shoot and start planning your session there is excitement and nerves. And when you show up and give it all you got, those nerves make you feel alive and sexy, and the bravery of it all gives you an empowered feeling that results in you having a successful shoot that leaves you more confident, alive, and amazing than you were prepared for!

And that is why I love boudoir photography. To be able to help someone with their self- confidence and show them a side of themselves they’ve never seen.

If you are interested in this amazing experience, please feel free to contact me! You will be happy you did!