I wanted to share with you, my first experience shooting a boudoir style session and how I felt it was right for me. For a long time, the idea of being a boudoir photographer floated in the back of my mind. After much research and a few pep talks, I was ready to give it a try.

I have an amazing friend who trusted me to photograph her and we were both excited and nervous to do the session. I showed up at her place and she was ready, hair and makeup done to the nines! We had planned to shoot the session in her bedroom and we already had a few outfits planned.

When I went to set up, her bedroom was quite dark! I didn’t want to cancel the session so I knew I had to get creative. I quickly scanned her home to find another space that would work well and would offer me good light.

The room with the most light ended up being her child’s bedroom! She helped me set up a backdrop and move things around to make the space work. The more restrictions there were, the more my creativity had to come into play. This challenge was exciting on my end and I had my own confidence being built up throughout the shoot that I was not even expecting! I was so concentrated on making my friend feel comfortable, that I forgot about my nerves. She said her nerves slipped away quickly too and she was really enjoying the experience.

End result? We both had a great time and got some awesome shots, two are shown in this blog.

She found the experience to be exciting, empowering, and fun! She felt alive and beautiful and was interested in doing it again! I found it to be incredibly satisfying to offer her this experience and had a ton of fun doing it!

THEN IT GOT BETTER.. After going through the images, and doing some slight retouching, we sat down and went through them together. She was happy.. she smiled.

She felt good about herself, she had more confidence in herself, and more love for herself!

I knew this was a style of photography that was here to stay with me. I am very excited to be pursuing my career in boudoir photography and making a positive change in women’s lives!

If you are interested in boudoir, but don’t think you are a candidate..stay tuned! I will soon be sharing the most common excuses women use for not being ready for a boudoir shoot and a few good reasons why you should book one now!

Much Love, Karen