When I first decided to make photography a business for myself and not just a hobby, I had a recurring idea that boudoir was going to be my passion and favorite style to shoot.

Coming from a career that made a positive difference in peoples lives, I wanted to continue that in my own business. For nearly a decade I worked as an orthodontic assistant, improving peoples smiles and giving them a level of confidence they once didn’t have. My love for photography and wanting to make a positive difference in peoples lives come together when I have a boudoir client. The self-confidence and self-appreciation that my client receives during a boudoir session is similar-they leave feeling better and more confident about themselves.

I decided that I would first try all genres of photography and have an open mind to the experiences that each style brought to the table. From a wedding and engagement sessions to family, child, and newborn sessions, I kept shooting boudoir throughout, not losing that as my true passion or focus along the way. I found all sessions to be a joy, each in their own way.

When I can make a child excited to get their picture taken, or get a boy to not find the experience as daunting as he thought, I also get great pleasure in a photo shoot. When I can capture a couple in love, or a senior that is beaming of their success, it is such a joy- for me and for them!

So after a year of amazing sessions, I have learned these three things:

  1. I enjoy making people smile.
  2. Boudoir photography is my passion.
  3. I like variety and will keep doing portrait photography while focusing on boudoir.

I look forward to all the fun, silly, adventurous, and beautiful images that I will create with my clients this year!

With A Smile,